Fondazione In Between Art Film was founded with the mission of supporting artists and institutions that work in the field of the moving image and probe the boundaries between creative disciplines. Over time, my team and I began to feel a need to explore this territory from another standpoint as well: that of theory, art history, and words as a space of encounter.

This has led us to create STILL – Studies on Moving Images, an experimental platform through which the same dedication we bring to our engagement with artists and institutions is extended to the practice of writing.

Alongside the flow of images, we wanted to offer more space to the words that accompany them, through the involvement of writers, academics, artists and curators.

The title of this platform, STILL, is an invitation to pause for a moment within this wonderful flow of creativity and carve out a space for deeper reflection, to help explore the outer limits of language that artists are always reimagining.”

Beatrice Bulgari, President, Fondazione In Between Art Film

Through specially commissioned texts and conversations, STILL explores the pieces in our Collection and the practices of the artists that are working or have worked with the Foundation. In addition, essays on theory and history shed new light on the culture of moving images in the art world.

Published on a quarterly basis, each installment of STILL features four sections:

  • Double Exposure presents conversations between artists and curators
  • Close-Up is an in-depth analysis of a specific artwork in our Collection
  • Cross-Cutting offers new essays on theory and history
  • First Look examines a work that the foundation has recently acquired.

At the end of each year, the texts from the four installments of STILL will be collected in a book from Mousse Publishing.

STILL is a Fondazione In Between Art Film project
Curated by Alessandro Rabottini, Artistic Director
with Bianca Stoppani, Editor
and Leonardo Bigazzi and Paola Ugolini, Curators
Coordinated by: Alessia Carlino, Project Manager.
Graphic design: Mousse Agency.
Coded by AdAstra.